5 tips to help you get it done

23 Mar 2018 Kelsey Decker

We’ve all been there. We plan to workout and for whatever reason, we just aren’t feeling it. The baby didn’t sleep well, there is a million other things to do, we are just too tired. You name it, we’ve all been there. So what is the solution when things happen like this? We could just skip the workout, there is nothing wrong with that, and sometimes, we do need to skip a workout because life happens, our body needs to recover, we are injured, etc. But, what about when we just simply don’t feel like working out? Then what? I’ve learned that if I always wait until I FEEL like working out, I would be very inconsistent and would rarely get it done. I’ve found a few things that help me out. Using these little tips, I rarely miss out on a workout, even when I have just about every reason to skip it.

1. Workout clothes that make you feel good: I love my workout clothes. If you ask my husband, he will tell you I have waaaaay too many workout clothes, but I tend to disagree. 😉 I love my clothes that are cute and work for what I need, but workout clothes that I like really give me a boost of confidence. I feel GOOD when I am ready to workout. My husband also says “look good, feel good, play good”, and I absolutely think that applies to getting ready to workout. While there is nothing wrong with wearing old ratty workout clothes (trust me, I have these too) I promise, having workout clothes that make you feel good make a huge difference.

2. Get dressed before you make the decision to skip your workout: Whether we workout first thing in the morning, or after work, or after the kids are in bed, the odds of being totally psyched to workout are pretty low. Mom life is hard and tiring. I’ve made a deal with myself that when I am not sure I want to workout, I get dressed in my workout clothes BEFORE I make the decision to skip the workout. It is pretty surprising how much a change of clothes can change our mindset.

3. Plan your workout ahead of time: Plan your workout AND a time to workout. Write it down. Don’t just wing it. Trust me on this one. I usually workout first thing in the morning, and if I had to figure out with my workout was going to be at 5:30 in the morning, it would be rolling over and going back to sleep, guaranteed. This is just as important for me on days that I end up working out later in the day, I already know that I need to do. It’s not a discussion or decision of what workout I should do, its already planned, I don’t have to think about it, I just have to do it. This is where having access to a coach or trainer can be extremely helpful! Most coaches and trainers that I know, actually have a coach or trainer themselves. I have a trainer that keeps my workout schedule plenty full and I am more than happy to have someone else tell me what kind of workout I need. I have no problem helping others with their workouts, but when it comes to me, I do better when the information comes from someone else.

4. Try the 10 minute rule: This is my last resort to get myself to get it done. If I’ve gotten dressed, looked at my planned workout, and still don’t feel like working out, I make myself a deal. Workout hard for 10 minutes, and if, after 10 minutes, I still don’t want to workout or don’t feel great about the workout, I can be done. No guilt, no “I should have….”, just done. I love this “rule” for a few different reasons. I love it because I have only ever stopped once or twice. Getting started is literally the hardest part for me. I also love it because on the few occasions I have stopped, I totally let myself off “the hook”. 10 minutes is better than nothing, I gave it an honest effort, and now I can move on with my day without the “would of, should of, could of” that we often have when we skip a workout.

5. Have a goal: The last thing, and perhaps the most important things is to have a goal to work towards. If we don’t have a goal, then why the heck are we doing all of this? Whether our goal is to be more healthy and active, finish a first half marathon, feel confident and empowered in our bodies, or PR on a 5K, we need a goal. Making lifestyle changes are not easy. Waking up early to squeeze a workout in before the kids are awake or staying up later to get it done after they are asleep is hard. When things get hard, if we are not grounded with a goal, it is easy to just say “no, I’ll do it later”. Then later ends up months or years later and we end up wishing we had started earlier. Find a goal, write it done, and put it somewhere you will see it when you are struggling, this will help keep you focused.

Now, I don’t use all of these every time, and the more consistent I am with my workout schedule, the less I have to convince myself that it is a good idea. There is something to be said about forming a habit to working out, or anything for that matter. I’ve gotten to the point that I look forward to my workouts most days, even when I’m tired, but every now and then, I need a little extra push to get it done. These kind of changes don’t just happen overnight and sometimes we need an extra push to keep on track.

I have also found that these steps/tips are helpful in getting ‘non-workout’ things done as well. Don’t want to fold laundry? (who ever does??) Do it for 10 minutes. Don’t feel like going out with the kids? Get everyone dressed first, then decide. Got a lot to get done? Plan it out instead of just winging it. (You get the picture right?)

What keeps you going? How are you able to get things done when you just aren’t feeling it? Have you tried any of these? Let me know, I really want to know!!